Chandan Steels

Redesign Web Experience of
Chandan Steel’s Website

Chandan steels approached me with a task to redefine their website’s user experience. Their website at that time lacked a vision and was missing on the visual appeal for the modern users.

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  • Steel & Industrial Products
  • UX Design & Development
Project Kick Off and Research

I started my research by understanding users and defining their business goals. I did competitive analysis and met with stake holders and various team. 

I also studied their analytics to understand their users demographics and their behaviors on line. This helped me understand their users, create personas, define business goals and create a process for their website re-design.

Chandan Steels Old Website Re-design

Chandan Steels – Old Website

Setting up User Expectation

My next step was to create user flow, information architecture and wireframes.

Validating Prototype

After validating my thoughts on my concept with business stakeholders, I moved on to the visual design.

Chandan Steels Website Re-design
Visual Design & Web Development

My initial research with stakeholders, competitive analysis helped me understand users and that led me to define color palette, typography and style.

Color Pallete

Chandan Steels Website Re-design


Chandan Steels Website Re-design

Impact of the website post launch


Unique Visitors


Page Views